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Yet Another Bullet to Scoff at the US Emergency Assassination Watch Alert

Yet Another Bullet to Scoff at the US Emergency Assassination Watch Alert

Posted October. 10, 2002 22:49,   


While there was an emergency watch alert going on around the American capitol Washington because of the continuous indiscriminate assassination since the 2nd, there was another assassination happened in the afternoon of the 9th and one male was killed.

The US Virginia State Police announced that a man, who was pumping gas at a gas station near the freeway in Manasas, Prince William County, 50km west of Washington, was shot to death at around 8:15pm on the 9th.

However, the Police did not conclude that this incident was related to the previous indiscriminate assassination. The detail of the incident including the identity of the victims was not known immediately.

A witness, who asked to be in anonymity, said that right after the shooting, two men got on a white truck or van, which was parked near the gas station, and disappeared.

In the meantime, the Maryland State Police went on to investigate considering the memo on the ‘tarot card,’ which was discovered with a bullet shell on the lawn yard 135m away from a middle school in Prince George County, where the spot of the assassination of a 13-year-old boy, on the 7th, was written by the suspect.

The Police announced that out of the 22 tarot cards used for fortune telling, one card called ‘card of the death’ was discovered there, and there was a hand written memo on the card saying ‘Dear Police – I am god.’

And the bullet shell next to it was the 223-caliber bullet shell, which was found in the bodies of the victims after the 2nd.

The Police thought the card and the memo might be someone’s practical joke, but it could give a clue about the suspect’s mental state if it was the suspect’s; therefore, they started to investigate the holograph, fingerprints, DNA, and the origin of the card.

The criminal experts said that there were several cases that tarot cards were found at a murder spot including a suspect’s case, which killed a family of an optometrist in Santa Cruz, California, and they analyzed that the suspect might place it to ridicule the police and warn additional assassinations. Between the 2nd and the 9th, there were total of 10 assassinations in the counties of Maryland and Virginia, and 7 were killed and 2 were injured. Among those, 3 assassinations were happened at gas stations and 2 were happened at parking lots.

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