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Kim Dae-up Says Original Tapes Submitted on August 28

Posted August. 25, 2002 22:18,   


Kim Dae-up announced on August 25, 2002, “I will submit to the Prosecution as early as on August 28 the original copies of the tapes recording the voice of Kim Do-sool who once worked for the Army Hospital.” Kim Dae-up has alleged that Lee Chong-hyun, the first son of Grand National Party’s candidate Lee Hui-chang evaded the military service.

Kim also said, “My brother who has kept the original copies has been traveling through US, Canada and Australia. He is now staying in Singapore. I will contact him and have him submit the original to the Prosecution as early as August 28.”

The Prosecution plans to send the tapes, right upon reception thereof, to its forensic team for analysis of the voices recorded on the tapes.

Kim Dae-up continued, “I have enumerated on a list 12 congressmen of Grand National Party (GNP) who were involved in the evasion in question. I’m considering whether I should submit the list to the press or to the Prosecution.”

In the meanwhile, the Prosecution confirmed on August 25 that it would recall for questioning Kim Kil-boo, former head of Military Manpower Administration (MMA) and Mr. Byun, a former low-ranking officer. But it said it has not decided on the time of the recall.

He Dae-up has been arguing, “Kim the former MMA’s head confessed to the Prosecution in last January, ‘I discussed in a meeting matters arising out of Chong-hyun’s evasion.’ Mr. Byun played a role in getting Chong-hyun exempted from the military service in return for the bribe he had received.”

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