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According to People Daily, China, “A North Korean Patrol Ship Started Shooting”

According to People Daily, China, “A North Korean Patrol Ship Started Shooting”

Posted June. 30, 2002 08:12,   


Major international newspapers reported the naval battle between the South Korea and North Korea on June 29 and this battle will affect a relation with countries and the Korea situation.

The incident has come as a shock in South Korea, which has been in festive mood as it co-hosts football`s World Cup. New York Times reported that the incident dashed hopes here that the World Cup soccer tournament, in its final weekend, might encourage efforts at reconciliation with the North. Also, this newspaper added that the North Korea broadcasted a number of World Cup matches, but this incident let many S. Korean down. CNN Broadcasting analyzed “This battle is the first since the clash in 1999 and could be an opposition to NLL problem. It is very much a calculated plan..

LA Times anticipated that the president Kim Dae-Jung will demand for US to continue the talk with the North Korea and not to consider this incident seriously.

Asahi Newspaper forecasted that this incident would have a bad influence on the relation between N. Korea and US as well as on the relation between the S. Korea and N. Korea. This newspaper added that the President Kim Dae-Jung, who has fostered a policy of reconciliation with North Korea, would be criticized strongly by the opposite party. Daily Yomiuri said “Even though the South Korea protests to the North Korea against this incident, the N. Korea will hardly answer, S. Korea-N. Korea relation will be continuously in a difficult situation.

Xinhua news agency reported that the naval battle in Yellow Sea will freeze the relation between two countries after the submit-level meeting of two countries in June 2000.

According to People Daily, China, ‘North Korean patrol ship started shooting and so the N. Korea has the responsibility for all arose in the incident.

Russian newspaper reported that this clash was the most serious maritime clash between the two countries for 2 years.