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Arrest Warrant for Kim Hong-up as Early as Today

Posted June. 19, 2002 23:21,   


Kim Hong-up, who is the second son of President Kim and Deputy Director of Asia Pacific Peace Foundation, has been called for questioning by the central investigation bureau of the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office June 19 for allegedly receiving some 2 billion Won from businesses in exchange for his influence.

Kim arrived at the Supreme Prosecutor’s Office with his attorney Yoo Jae-in about 3 o’clock. He denied allegations when he was questioned by the press whether he agrees with the charges.

Kim was questioned in the same special investigation room on the 11th floor of the building where former President Kim Young-sam’s second son Kim Hyun-chul was questioned in 1997. Kim was questioned as a suspect.

Kim Hong-up’s appearance at the prosecutor’s office takes place 34 days since his brother Kim Hong-gul was called by the Seoul District Prosecutor’s Office on May 16.

The prosecution investigated whether Kim received money for influence from Kim Sung-hwan, former CEO of Seoul Music Broadcasting, Lee Gu-sung, CEO of P Promotion and other acquaintances.

The prosecution also investigated the details of the 2.8 billion Won laundered through Kim Byung-ho, former director of administration at the Asia Pacific Peace Foundation as well as whether Kim exercised influence on the prosecution, Financial Supervisory Commission and other government bodies in exchange for the money received.

The prosecution decided that it would seek arrest warrant for bribery and tax evasion as early as June 20 if Kim is found to have received money from businesses in exchange for favor.

The prosecution is said to have secured evidence that Kim received 300 million Won out of the 1 billion Won Kim’s college friend Yoo Jin-gul received from “S” construction in exchange for his influence on prosecution’s investigation into the company.

The prosecution also plans to investigate the sources of several billions of Won in slush funds Kim has managed and whether he managed the residual funds from the 1997 presidential election as well as memos by Kim Byung-ho with words “confirmed Hookwang’s (President Kim’s nickname) money” and “about 500 million from National Intelligence Service.”

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