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Analysis of Nominated Candidates

Posted May. 30, 2002 08:57,   


The result of candidates who filed nomination for 6.13 local elections which closed on 29th still laid disproportionate emphasis on each party.

In case of elections for local governor on 29th, 15:00 P.M, Grand National Party fielded candidates in total 72 districts in Youngnam region and on the contrary, it fielded only six candidates in Honam region (41 Districts).

GNP fielded candidates in the whole district of capital area in Seoul, Inchoen, Kyoung-gi and 29 candidates in Chungcheong region (31 districts).

On the contrary, Millennium Democratic Party fielded candidates in every districts of Honam region, but, in Youngnam region, it fielded only 10 candidates such as one in Pusan, two in Daegu, Ulsan and Northern Kyoungsang respectively and three in Southern Kyoungsang province.

United Liberal Democrat, which suffered severe difficulty in choosing capable people, fielded none in Youngnam region, Incheon, Gwangju, and Jeju but fielded candidates in all districts in Daejeon and Southern Chungcheong.

Among mini parties, Democratic Labor party fielded maximum 99 candidates such as 6 for large-city mayors, 12 for local governor and 81 for local councilor.

Gender bias was also extremely serious.

In case of female, there was no candidate for governor, and it was only 3 percent among whole candidates (10,329 people) that is total 309 women, such as △ 7 for local governor △ 46 for local representative △ 54 for proportional local representative △ 202 for local councilor.

In 1998 local elections, 239 (2.3 percent) among 10,222 candidate were women.

It increased little than 1998 local elections; however, it is still a minority.

Therefore, promise of main parties that they will recommend females aggressively has become just vain slogan.

According to the age group, 40`s and 50`s were main stream.

Candidate of 50s were 3794 which recorded 37 percent and 40`s candidate made up 36.1 percent by 3700 people.

As compared to 1998 local elections participation rate of candidates in 40`s increased.

However, 20`s and 30`s made up only 41 people (0.4 percent) and 914 people (8.9 percent) respectively.

Wealthy people above10 million won were 7 and candidates who had debt of above 500 million won were 11 people.

Places which showed the highest competition rate was Donghae mayor in Kangwon and Pocheon in Kyoung gi which recorded 8:1 as 8 candidates filed their nomination respectively.

Ms. Hwang who registered as GNP candidate for Seoul representative recorded No. 1 as resigning candidate, as she submitted resignation letter to Election Management Committee on 29th, 14:30 P.M.

Ms. Hwang, who received No. 9 as female candidate, reported her property to be is 4.1 billion won.

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