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“Suspicion of Korean Coalition of Students` Participation in Roh`s Camp”

“Suspicion of Korean Coalition of Students` Participation in Roh`s Camp”

Posted April. 02, 2002 09:32,   


Kim Yoon-Soo, special advisor on media to Millennium Democratic Party (MDP) presidential hopeful Rhee In-Je, argued yesterday that, “There are suspicions that the members of the Korean Coalition of Students (KCS) are participating in Roh Moo-Hyun`s campaign camp and Nosamo (a group of people who love Roh Moo-Hyun).”

Visiting MDP`s reporters` room, Kim read 3 open questions. He insisted, “KCS is defined as an organization that benefits the enemy by the Supreme Court, and its direction is same as Roh`s that demands the abolition of the National Security Law, the withdrawal of USFK, and the objection to the privatization of the public companies. Roh has to present his position to KCS.”

In addition, Rhee contended that, “Kwon Young-Gil, President of the Democratic Labor Party, said, `Roh`s policy is same as ours,` in his interview with a monthly magazine. If the presidential election becomes a competition between conservative and reformative candidates, the latter definitely loses,” in a news conference at MDP`s Incheon City office.

Responding to those arguments, Yoo Jong-Pil, special advisor on media to Roh Moo-Hyun, said that, “Nosamo is the first Korean voluntary fan club of a politician and consists of workers and students.” He criticized that, “Although it has no relationship with KCS, Rhee`s side tries to have a ideological witch-hunt.”

He continued that, “Roh never insisted the withdrawal of the USFK. Rhee`s policy is very closed to that of Grand National Party (GNP), and Rhee seems to be the GNP`s second company.”

On the other hand, the GNP formed a special team to trace Roh`s past activities, including his activities as a judge and lawyer and suspicions of his involvement in various interests.

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