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Lee H. C. Is to Withdraw from Frontline of GNP

Posted March. 20, 2002 08:58,   


Lee Hoi-Chang, the president of the Grand National Party, announced at the press conference that he “will withdraw from the operation of the party, appointing an acting president of the party after officially launching for the Presidential campaign, and after being re-elected as a president of the party at the National Convention of the party in May, [he] will launch an acting president system of the party.”

With regard to the Gahoi-dong villa that the New Millennium Democratic Party raised a suspicion about donation tax evasion, Mr. Lee said, “I have no word to excuse for disappointing and causing anxiety to the people. I will move out as soon as possible.” He also explained about the suspicion that his grand daughter was born in the U.S. to have a U.S. citizenship and said, “registration of her birth was completed by the domestic law.”

Concerning the controversies about the connection politics, he drew a clear line that “I will to be tolerant to unfair activities in the party`s operation and the competition taking advantage of connections. However, I cannot prohibit those who are designated as close aides to me from participating in the competition of the party.”

He also revealed his plan for the participation in the competition for the presidential candidacy of the party and the president of the party at the National Convention of GNP in May, saying “the request for a collective leadership system before the Presidential Election by the minor fractions of the party is not realistic to accept. If I would not run for the party`s president, the competition for the party`s president will be overheated, creating difficulties in the operation of the party.”

Mr. Lee added that the presidential candidate shall not intervene into the party`s operation and I will reflect the idea of collective leadership system by operating the party through a representative system of the presidential group.

In response, Reps. Kim Deok-Ryong and Hong Sa-Deok denounced, “it is very disappointing that the Mr. Lee`s understanding of the situation is negligent and far lack from our expectation even though we urged for his turnover.”

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