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Traffic Fares Rise in a Row

Posted March. 20, 2002 08:59,   


With the beginning of the 8 percent rise of express bus and commuter bus fares from 25th, the railroad fares (8 percent) and the highway toll fees (5.2 percent) will rise in a row.

The Ministry of Construction and Transportation confirmed the plan for the traffic fare adjustment and will implement the plan gradually to support the management of the bus business, the National Railroad Service, and the Korea Highway Corporation that are suffering from chronic deficits.

The railroad fares and the highway toll fees will rise from 28th and 25th respectively.

According to the adjustment plan, the bus fares will rise by 8 percent from current 69.19 won per a kilometer to 74.72 won, fares of the deluxe express bus from 61.93 won to 66.88 won/km (under 200 km), and express bus from 42.37 won to 45.76 won (under 200 km).

Consequently, the first class express bus fare from Seoul to Pusan will be 27,400 won adjusted from current 25,400 won, and the regular express bus fare will rise from 17,100 won to 18,400 won).

Local bus fares, for example, from Seoul to Sokcho, will rise to 16,200 won from current 15,000 won.

The railroad fares for the Saemaeul (10 percent) and the Mugunghwa (8.8 percent) will also rise but the fares of the common train the Tongil will freeze.

Hence, the railroad fare of the Saemaeul from Seoul to Mokpo will rise to 31,400 won from current 28,600 won and for the Mugunghwa from 19,700 to 21,400 won.

And the drivers who go to Pusan from Seoul through the highway shall pay 16,800 won for toll fee, which is 1300 won higher.

Kim Jong-Hee, director of the transportation policy bureau, said that “the elements of the cost rise for the past 2 years were considered. The impact to the consumer`s price is about 0.035 percent.”

Jin-Hup Song jinhup@donga.com