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“DJP Did Not Discuss Reorganization of Political Structure“

“DJP Did Not Discuss Reorganization of Political Structure“

Posted January. 30, 2002 09:40,   


President Kim Dae-Jung and Kim Jong-Pil, the president of the United Liberal Democrats, met with each other on the 29th and discussed current issues of the government administration. The two met for the first time since their exclusive meeting on July 9th and the DJP coalition split with the approval of the Lim Dong-Won Unification Minister impeachment bill in September last year.

President Kim explained the situation surrounding his resignation from the party`s presidency and the meaning of his declaration for no political intervention. The President also requested non-partisan support from Kim J.P. for the national administration, economic recovery, and the Inter-Korean issues during the rest of his term.

President Kim J.P. conveyed public opinions about the confusion in the national administration and requested for the elimination of the corruption without exceptions, Inter-Korean project based on the public consensus, and fair management of the election and the introduction of the public election system.

In the meeting held in the midst of the controversies about the reorganization of the political system and the amendment of the Constitution, "There was no discussion about the re-organization of the political structure." sources in the New Millennium Democratic Party and the United Liberal Democrats said.

Kwon Chul-Hyun, spokesperson of the Grand National Party, criticized the DJP meeting, saying "President Kim broke his promise to concentrate on national administration and signaled a resumption of his political activities."

However, Park Sun-Suk, the spokesperson of Cheong Wa Dae, refuted that "The meeting was discussed with the GNP in advance and the two leaders met with each other with the consent of the GNP."

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