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Opposition Claims It Is `Deteriorated Reshuffling` to Manipulate Public Opinion

Opposition Claims It Is `Deteriorated Reshuffling` to Manipulate Public Opinion

Posted January. 29, 2002 09:29,   


The Grand National Party urged for an overall reshuffling of the current Cabinet, arguing that the reshuffling without dismissing the Prime Minister is only a maneuver to deceive the public.

Chang Kwang-Geun, the spokesperson of the GNP, criticized that "Keeping the Prime Minister in office seems to be connected with the discussions about the reorganization of the political system. President Kim Dae-Jung is actually enthusiastic about maintaining his power, for example, by calling the DJP meeting."

With regard to the report that Jin Nyum, Minister of Finance and Economy, and Shin Ghun, Director General of the National Intelligence Service, may stay in office, spokesperson Chang argued that "President Kim seems to have given up on his intention to reform the government. It`s only a comedy show to deceive the public after reaching a dead end of series of Gates."

The GNP executive meeting also demanded an overall reshuffling of the Cabinet by replacing the Prime Minister, all the economic team, Defense Minister, all ministers from the Congress, persons who had been criticized for misleading the President and the government, and by a massive reorganization of the presidential secretariat.

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