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White House, "No Agreement Will Be Reached Until Terrorist Organization Is Destroyed"

White House, "No Agreement Will Be Reached Until Terrorist Organization Is Destroyed"

Posted November. 21, 2001 09:14,   


President George W. Bush stated at a press conference on November 19, "We do not know whether it will take a month, a year, or even longer, but we will capture alive Bin Laden."

"Our forces surrounding Bin Laden are closing in upon him. We will not leave Afghanistan until we accomplish the objective of capturing Bin Laden and putting him on trial in an international court." said Mr. Bush.

Secretary of Defense Mr. Rumseld said, "The war is only in the early stages. Even if Muhammad Omar succeeds in getting a compromise and leaves Kandahar, the U.S. will not allow his departure." "Bin Laden and the Al-Qaeda members must decide whether to die or give themselves up. In no case will they be allowed to escape to a third country." added Mr. Rumsfeld.

After the announcement, the U.S. dispatched hundreds of U.S. special forces soldiers in south Afghanistan to gather intelligence on Bin Laden`s whereabouts and to start blocking the roads.

USA Today reported on November 19 that national security advisor to the President Condoleza Rice and other military strategists are discussing attacks on Iraq as the second phase of the war.

USA Today reported Secretary Rice and Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz discussing "that still-elusive evidence linking Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein`s regime to the terrorist attacks Sept. 11 is not necessary to trigger a military strike." and indicated that the U.S. is moving into a new stage of strategizing with Iraq as its primary object.

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