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Shin Bong-Min, `A Warrior`s Tear`

Posted November. 05, 2001 10:50,   


Shin Bong-Min (Hyundai) ultimately rode the flower palanquin at this year`s last district strong man competition.

At the Hamyang Gymnaium on November 4, Shin Bong-Min beat Hwang Kyu-Yeon (Shinchang Construction) 3-0 at the district final round of the Hamyang Strong Man Championship and won the district champion title after a year and six months since the Hadong Competition in the May of last year.

In the first round, Hwang Kyu-Yeon and Shin Bong-Min took turns using inside leg techniques and hip techniques until Shin took the point. After winning the second round, Shin Bong-Min won the title in the third round after using Hwang`s strength against him. Shin pulled in Hwang who attacked with an ankle pull and took him to the sand floor. After his victory was clear and the win announced, Shin Bong-Min cried a warrior`s tear. The victory this day released all the frustrations that Shin and his team Hyundai experienced through this season.