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NMDP Enters Nomination Phase

Posted October. 29, 2001 09:10,   


The ruling New Millennium Democratic Party (NMDP) is practically entering into the presidential candidate nomination phase. The Middle-Way Reform Forum (MWRF), the biggest lawmakers group (63 members) in the NMDP, had an emergency steering committee on 28th, and officially discussed the issue of the early national convention for selecting the party`s presidential candidate.

The NMDP Chairman Han Kwang-Ok proposed President Kim Dae-Jung to publicize the issues of the early national convention and the reshuffling of the government and party on 26th. It stirred open discussions on the issue of the early selection of the presidential candidate, and, thus, presidential hopefuls of the NMDP started putting their nomination campaigns into high gear.

▼ Discussion of the early national convention = Rep. Park Byung-Seok, the Public Information Director of the MWPF, said, ``The majority opinion was to have an early national convention before the provincial election because it is good to have a new leadership before the election.`` just after yesterday`s meeting.

The MWPF will come to a consensus on the issue of the early national convention in a general meeting on 29th. The Head of Special Assistants for President Rep. Jeong Koon-Hwan (the leader of the MWPF) visited Cheong Wa Dae and exclusively interviewed President Kim before the emergency steering committee.

▼ Internal backlash = A presidential hopeful Han Hwa-Kap, a Supreme Council member, criticized that ``There are differences between the announcements of Chairman Han and Cheong Wa Dae (on the issues of the early national convention, etc.). It is not proper that a particular person (Chairman Han) might decide the direction.``

Another Supreme Council member Kim Keun-Tae said, ``I do not know whether (Chairman Han`s announcement) is personal or political. Raising the issue of the early selection of the presidential candidate, while Han proclaimed the humble acceptance of the public opinions after the by-elections, represents a certain group`s political interests.``

▼ Preparing for the nomination campaigns = A Supreme Council member Rhee In-Je plans to tour Chungcheong area, and Han Hwa-Kap, Kim Keun-Tae, and Noh Mu-Hyun, all Supreme Council members, will hold huge fund-raising events to announce officially their ambitions to run for the presidency during next month.

Youth Association for New Politics in the New Age (the NMDP`s youth organization, president Rep. Bae Ki-Sun) had a national delegates convention in 63 Building, Yeoi-Do, Seoul, yesterday, and started to be in battle formation for the presidential election.