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[Editorial] The Reformation of the Party And the Government Must Not be Delayed

[Editorial] The Reformation of the Party And the Government Must Not be Delayed

Posted August. 29, 2001 09:25,   


Finally, President Kim Dae-Jung seems to positively consider the reformation plan of the party and the government including the reshuffling of the party`s leaders and the Chong Wa Dae secretaries. The demand for the reformation of the government and the party has been an urgent issue since the request of the young caucus of NMDP for the reformation of the party and the government. And now it is `finally` reviewed by the President.

The temporary strike of Chairperson Kim Joong-Kwon is a `symbolic incident`, betraying the dangerous conflicts between the chairperson of the ruling party and the secretaries of Chong Wa Dae rooted in the Donggyo-dong circle. The incident is originated in the power game in the ruling party. It has been rumored that a person of Chong Wa Dae tried to prevent Chairperson Kim Joong-Kwon from running for the National Assembly at the re-election in Kuro 2 district and the Chong Wa Dae side continuously shakes chairperson Kim.

The problem is not the `power game` itself but the side effect of the power game to the overall national administration. The present administration is running for the time to ease the acute confrontations in our society to complete its duty. However, it cannot be expected under the circumstances of the severe confrontation between the two pillars of the ruling side, that are, Chong Wa Dae and the ruling party.

Hence, the President must not waste his time. The President must make a big decision for the overall reformation of the government and the party. If he misses a right time for the reformation by the `excessive prudence` or by the passive reformation based on his own followers for fear of `lame-duck`, the efficiency of the reformation will end up with far behind the expectation.

The autonomy of the party would be considered much more significantly than the time or range of the human resource management. The dissatisfaction of the ruling party has been its subordinate position to Chong Wa Dae. The protest of the young caucus also aimed at the `non official line` in Chong Wa Dae that has de facto decided everything of the party`s administration. The mini-strike of chairperson Kim Joong-Kwon, who has been known as a member of the power circle, evidences again that the party had been under the control of Chong Wa Dae.

Subordinate ruling party could not lead the parliamentary politics. The current situation that there are only political aggressions instead of the politics is closely related with the reality of this political anomie. The first step toward the political reformation has to be the re-establishment of the parties. The reformation plan of the President must be set on the recognition of this political situation.

Repeatedly speaking, the people are now sick and tired of waiting for the Presidential promise for the political reformation. There is no time to waste anymore.