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Kim Hong-Young ``7,500km Marathon Wishing for Successful World Cup``

Kim Hong-Young ``7,500km Marathon Wishing for Successful World Cup``

Posted August. 06, 2001 09:32,   


`Marathon Man` Kim Hong-Young (52), who runs a restaurant in Seoul, successfully finished the whole course of 7,500 kilometers for the 2002 World Cup campaign, arriving at Eiffel Tower in Paris, France on 3rd.

Kim left Lisbon, Portugal on Jan. 22, and finally arrived at `the Wall of Peace` in Champ-de-Mars Park near the Eiffel Tower at 10 o`clock a.m. on 3rd, via France, Italy, Germany, Sweden, England, Netherlands and Belgium.

Kim has challenged to run the course of 20,020 km symbolizing the 2002 World Cup, and he ran 500 km in Korea in March 1999, 1,200 km in Japan in May 1999, 3,840 km in South America from Jan. to May 2000, and 1,060 km in Australia from Aug. to Sep.. Thus, Kim has run 14,100 km so far by successfully finishing the European tour.

Kim will run the North American course after October. Kim plans to arrive at the World Cup Main Stadium in Seoul for the opening ceremony of the World Cup after visiting 57 cities of 32 countries.