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Frontal Clash of NMDP Leaders

Posted May. 29, 2001 07:20,   


Chung Kyun-Hwan, the director of the special aides group for the president, publicly criticized on May 29 Rep. Chung Dong-Young, the actual leader of the young caucus.

Kim Jung-Kwon, the Representative of the ruling New Millennium Democratic Party who returned from his visit to China yesterday, hinted that he will share his idea to settle down the controversies and called for a meeting of the Party`s four leading officers.

Responding to the Rep. Chung Dong-Young`s remark, ``The meeting was not scheduled,`` Rep. Chung Kyun-Kwan criticized Chung, saying ``The politician should be honest and trustworthy. It was disappointing to see that [Rep. Chung] had to lie to avoid his difficulties.`` He also said, ``The target of the reformation should be for the persons who had lied for the political purposes.``

Chung Kyun-Hwan said, ``Rep. Chung asked for a meeting of the young caucus with the President… I reported to Mr. President and the President promised to meet them. So, I called every members of the young caucus including Rep. Chung. Having lied, I thought he was not a trustworthy person.``

On the contrary, Supreme member Rep. Chung Dong-Young refuted, ``I had a phone call from Rep. Chung. But when I asked him whether the meeting was firmly scheduled, he mumbled. He might have his own idea. But the meeting was not scheduled and therefore it was not confirmed.`` He also said that he had talked with Han Kwang-Ok, the Chief secretary of Cheong Wa Dae, Nam Gung-Jing, senior secretary to the President for the political affairs, by phone but they did not mention anything about the meeting.``

A high official of Cheong Wa Dae commented on the controversies, ``Whether it is true or not, the remark of Rep. Chung Kyun-Hwan has nothing to do with the President`s will. And such utterance is not helpful to calm the situation.``

Meanwhile, Representative Kim Jung-Kwon said, right after he had arrived, ``I understand the loyalty of the young caucus. They protested for the sake of the Party. So, I believe we can make a consensus through honest dialogue.``

Yoon Young-Chan yyc11@donga.com