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Israel Bombed Palestine Commoners House and Factories Indiscriminately

Israel Bombed Palestine Commoners House and Factories Indiscriminately

Posted May. 21, 2001 08:42,   


In the midst of the international society`s blame and anxiety, bloodshed clashes between Israel and Palestine is getting worse.

In addition to F-16 jet fighters bombing over the Palestine self-administration district on May 18, 19, Israel performed yesterday indiscriminate bombing operation over civilian areas and factories in Gaza strip for the first time since the bloody clashes had resumed eight months ago.

By the bombing of the day, a metal factory was totally destroyed and other manufacturing factories for toilets, kitchen appliances, and auto parts were seriously damaged. Eyewitnesses reported that a building of Force 17, which is a security unit of Palestine autonomous government, and over 10 commoners houses and a bookstore were also destroyed.

Palestinian police chief, Brig. Gen. Abdel Razek Majaida blamed Israel, ``The attacks [of Israel] to the civilian homes and factories means new levels of invasion.`` Hezbollah also assured its revenge, ``We will continue to fight to recover our territory which is currently occupied by Israel.``

Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon also announced at a security cabinet meeting May 20, ``Israel is in greatest danger. We will overcome this crisis at any price.``

Meanwhile, Hosni Mubarak Egyptian President urged the intervention of the US and EU on May 19 at his dialogue with Bush by phone saying that, ``Middle Eastern crisis has reached irreversible situation.``

However, Dick Cheney, the vice President of the US, said at a talk on NBC, May 20, that the US might not be able to act as an agent for the summit talks between Israel and Palestine.

Paik Kyung-Hak stern100@donga.com