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Bloodshed uprising in Philippines

Posted May. 02, 2001 10:54,   


After the former president Joseph Estrada was arrested and put into a prison cell at police headquarters, the Philippines entered a state of civil war.

In early morning on May 1, the bloodshed clashes between the police and the pro-Estrada supporters took place when the supporters rallied toward the Malacanang Palace where the president Gloria Arroyo resides.

The Philippines government has finally announced a state of rebellion in Manila and has ordered the protesters to disperse.

The rumor is spreading fast that some of the political and military opponents are planning to bring down the current government.

The streets in the city of Manila covered with the fumes, once swept by the crowd of the protesters, reminded the state of anarchy, according to the foreign newspapers.

Twenty thousand pro-Estrada supporters marched toward the Malakanang Palace demanding the resign of the President Arroyo. It has been 15 years since “the first civil revolution” that broke down the Marcos regime in 1986 the protest took place on the Malakanang Place.

The march on the palace, which began from a Catholic church in Manila about 10 km away, was opposed by the police force that was waiting for the protesters since the 4 p.m.

Despite warning shots and teargas, the protesters drove a dump truck through lines of riot police and destroyed the security post about 1 km away from the palace.

The police defended the Mendiola Bridge from the protesters through warning shots, teargas, and water gun. During the bloody clashes at least two police officers and a protester died, according to AFP.

Although the President Arroyo did not oppose to the peaceful protests at first, she later announced a state of rebellion, which allows her to call in the armed forces after the bloody clashes took place.

The authorities in the Philippines have ordered the arrest of Juan Ponce Enrile and two other senators, along with the former national police chief, on the charges of an alleged plot to topple the President Arroyo. A couple of active-duty generals were already confined to the prison.

Meanwhile the President Arroyo claimed that the former president Estrada left a draft in a hospital during his health check-up that would declare his resumption of the presidential office.