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North Korean threat growing: Gen. Schwartz

Posted March. 29, 2001 12:43,   


Gen. Thomas Schwartz, commander of the Korea-United States Combined Forces Command, testified at a congressional hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee Tuesday that despite the continuing famine, the military threat from North Korea had increased, saying, ``the threat is more serious today than it was last year when I testified.`` He also testified that North Korea was bigger, better, closer and deadlier.

Noting that North Korea, albeit a small country, is armed with the greatest firepower in the world, Gen. Schwartz went on to say that the U.S. should take steps to maintain a balance of arms between South and North Korea, disclosing that there was a serious military imbalance in their firepower.

Gen. Schwartz added that, while the North Korean forces were training at a higher level, the communist state continued to sell missiles abroad. ``I would not recommend any kind of reduction of forces on the Korean peninsula at this time,`` the commander stated.

Han Ki-Heung eligius@donga.com