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Kim Jong Un orders preparations for launching terror attacks on Seoul

Kim Jong Un orders preparations for launching terror attacks on Seoul

Posted February. 19, 2016 07:31,   

Updated February. 19, 2016 07:42


North Korea's intelligence agency, the Reconnaissance General Bureau, is reportedly preparing for terror attacks against South Korea. According to Rep. Lee Cheol-woo of the ruling Saenuri Party on Thursday, the National Intelligence Service has informed an emergency meeting at the National Assembly of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's order to launch terror attacks against the South.

“There is a chance for an attack with poisonous material, or kidnapping of South Korean nationals in China. They could mail parcels to threaten politicians and leaders who are critical of North Korea," the South Korean agency said. “Public facilities, national infrastructure facilities including power and transportation facilities, subways and shopping malls could be the targets, and government agencies, media companies, and financial institutions could be targets for cyber-attacks.”

“North Korea conducted a nuclear test and fired a long-range missile by placing all focus on the seventh party convention of the ruling Workers’ Party, which is scheduled for May 7,” the NIS also said. “The North claims that it proactively took the action to shut down the Kaesong Industrial Park (which the South Korean government took in a drastic move).”

Mentioning Kim Jong Un’s instruction to mobilize his regime's all capacities for terror attacks, the South Korean presidential office said, "The possibility for the North’s terror attack against the South is increasing more than ever before as well.” Presidential spokesman Kim Sung-woo told a press briefing that “The National Assembly is urged to pass the anti-terrorism act at the earliest day possible.”

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