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A woman charged as accomplice in voting booth camera scandal

A woman charged as accomplice in voting booth camera scandal

Posted April. 02, 2024 08:10,   

Updated April. 02, 2024 08:10


As the April 10 general elections nears, Mr. Han, a 49-year-old, extreme right-wing YouTuber infamous for placing illegal cameras in 41 early voting stations across the nation, has been taken into custody. In the midst of these events, a woman in her 50s from the Yangsan region in South Gyeongsang Province has been identified as an additional conspirator for aiding Mr. Han in his illicit activities. To date, two individuals have been implicated in Mr. Han's offenses, both subscribers to his YouTube channel. The police are rigorously exploring the potential of further co-conspirators.

On Monday, the Yangsan Police Station declared they've implicated another woman in her 50s, Ms. Kim, for her role in helping Mr. Han set up illegal cameras at six early voting sites in Yangsan for the April 10 general elections. Ms. Kim is suspected of collaborating with Mr. Han and another accomplice, Mr. Yang, a man in his 70s.

Authorities are seeking arrest warrants for these individuals, convinced that they collaborated with Mr. Han to place hidden cameras at various locations in Yangsan, including the early voting booths and the Yangju-dong Community Welfare Center. Investigations using CCTV footage and confiscated items have led the police to deduce their involvement in the conspiracy with Mr. Han.

The police have unveiled findings that Mr. Han had installed covert cameras at 41 early voting stations nationwide, encompassing Seoul, Incheon, and Yangsan, with 36 confirmed cases of camera installation and five under further examination. Investigations revealed that these cameras were purchased in bulk from an online store. “Installing and distributing hidden cameras is illegal, especially in the critical context of the forthcoming election,” said Woo Jong-soo, the director of the National Police Agency's National Investigation Headquarters, emphasizing in a press meeting that pledging a swift and thorough investigation.

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