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The father who became a snake

Posted May. 18, 2024 07:47,   

Updated May. 18, 2024 07:47


All daughters in the world can be divided into three categories: a daughter who hates her father, a daughter who loves her father, and a daughter who both resents and loves her father. This poem makes one wonder what kind of daughter the poet was and, ultimately, what kind of daughter I am. It is also a work that makes you discover your father's face in his father's face when you finish reading the poem.

The elderly father was taken to the hospital. He was in such a state of collapse, both physically and mentally, that he could not recognize his child. His child was overcome with many emotions as she saw her sick father. The father was crossing the dark pass. All she could do was close her eyes and pray.

However, the poet did not express, "I closed my eyes and prayed." She expressed that her father asked her to "close your eyes." I appreciate this poetic expression‎ for its blend of falsehood and truth. I also learned that she loved her father very much.

People cannot live on love alone. But without love, what else can we live for?