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Variety of humans

Posted April. 15, 2024 08:07,   

Updated April. 15, 2024 08:07


Peter Drucker, known as the founder of modern business management, authored many books reflecting insights on capitalism with themes ranging from CEOs to business management to companies. He started with ‘The End of Economic Man,’ published in 1939. Among his books, ‘Adventures of a Bystander' is the one that seeks a better understanding of humans. In this book, Drucker introduces people in his life.

Drucker always claimed in his books that he was more intrigued by the diversity of people than concepts. The people he met were used as examples and demonstrations of the numerous concepts he presented.

In that sense, a company is an intangible collection of various people. At the company, people come together to achieve a purpose by invisible rules and promises, but they are all different. Some spend time learning dance, drumming, or painting after work. Such individuals’ desires and qualities often inspire creative ideas within the organization. We begin to understand others when we acknowledge that humans are not the same but different beings. When you understand, you become aware, and you will be able to find answers that numbers and statistics cannot solve.

Companies are targeting customers through individualized marketing. They run customized target marketing by analyzing everyone’s characteristics and tastes based on the belief that observing individuals forms the basis of marketing. Hence, there are many classifications of people, such as personal color and MBTI. With artificial intelligence (AI) emerging as a rising topic these days, I wonder if future AIs can become individually different from humans. Perhaps Peter Drucker's words can offer insights into the answer.