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With light through shifting leaves

Posted April. 13, 2024 07:41,   

Updated April. 13, 2024 07:41


Nighttime always seems to magnify illness, affecting everyone from infants to grown-ups. Those who endured a severe fever overnight often find relief as the sun rises past noon. Perhaps it is the mysterious workings of the universe that make us experience discomfort more deeply in the darkness of night and in utter loneliness.

It's natural for spring to follow winter, yet our minds and bodies don't always flow as naturally once winter has passed. Sometimes, as flowers bloom, it feels like we wither instead. For some, their bodies become unnaturally hot as the days grow warmer. Perhaps nature intends for us to endure pain alone, yet we still yearn for companionship during those cold, dark nights.

Today, a poem awaits, offering solace like a cool, damp towel for your fever. Its stories include one where fragrant olives support those who cannot even afford to be sick, another where the shifting shadows of trees and a comforting gaze provide survival, and one about the significance of small necessities for our survival and well-being. We've all had our own version of this soothing towel at some point, a reminder of how such a small comfort can save lives.