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Spring, summer, autumn, and winter

Posted February. 24, 2024 08:01,   

Updated February. 24, 2024 08:01


This is the first poem of a collection "A few more steps into the winter forest." If you're looking for a collection to read at the end of this winter, I'd recommend it. Poets often place their most comprehensive and essential work on the first page of their collection, encapsulating the essence of what follows. Even if it's not lengthy or verbose, the poems on the first page tend to contain multitudes, compressed into powerful expressions.

That is why I like this poem. It speaks of the cycle of seasons—spring, summer, autumn, and winter—yet it encompasses much more than just the passing of a year. It speaks of beginnings and endings, encapsulating a person's life, the journey through time. When the poet mentions spring and birds, I'm reminded of the vibrant, joyous living during my springtime. When summer and birds are mentioned, I recall the fervent efforts expended during my summer days. And now, as the poet has already witnessed autumn and winter, we glimpse through their eyes the autumn and winter of my own life, alongside the bird that never returns. "I will live like this and get through it all. That's life. I was waiting for a bird." Such thoughts are hinted at, even those that will come in the distant future.

This winter feels both familiar and new, blending confusion with distinction. Despite this mix, we'll endure this winter and the next. Life, with its array of seasons, carries a sense of sadness yet solemnity. Poetry truly captures this essence.