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US Congress debates whether to include 'extra assistance to Ukraine' in the bill

US Congress debates whether to include 'extra assistance to Ukraine' in the bill

Posted September. 27, 2023 08:07,   

Updated September. 27, 2023 08:07


The approaching date of a potential federal government "shutdown" in the United States is creating complications in the budget negotiations for the next fiscal year, spanning from October 2023 to September 2024. One of the key unresolved issues in these negotiations revolves around whether to allocate additional support in response to the prolonged conflict in Ukraine.

As reported by the New York Times (NYT) on Tuesday (local time), negotiations have reached an impasse regarding the allocation of up to 25 billion U.S. dollars in additional support for Ukraine, a request made by the Joe Biden administration. While bipartisan support for assisting Ukraine is growing in the Senate, the House is witnessing strong opposition to continued aid for Ukraine, particularly from hardline Republicans. This division is contributing to the deadlock in the negotiations.

Some Republicans are issuing warnings that their party's House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, could face repercussions, including being stripped of his position, if he aligns with the ruling Democratic Party to support Ukraine.

The U.S. Congress has allocated approximately 113 billion dollars (equivalent to around 152 trillion won) in military, humanitarian, and economic assistance to Ukraine since Russia's invasion in February of the previous year. Ukrainian forces claim to have launched missile and drone attacks that resulted in the deaths of 34 Russian officers, including the Russian Black Sea Fleet commander. Nonetheless, experts are highlighting the likelihood of a protracted conflict, especially as Russia has significantly increased its defense budget for the next year to approximately 150 trillion won, which is equivalent to 6% of its GDP. Consequently, divisions are emerging among Western nations that have been supporting Ukraine in its war efforts.