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Seoul City plans to expand welfare benefits

Posted May. 22, 2024 07:56,   

Updated May. 22, 2024 07:56


Starting this August, households with two or more children will no longer have to pay congestion fees when passing through Seoul's Namsan Tunnel. Additionally, pregnant women who use cultural and sports facilities can receive a discount on admission fees. The city of Seoul announced on the 21st that it had promulgated 82 ordinances and two rules, including the ‘Seoul Congestion Toll Collection Ordinance Partial Amendment Ordinance’ with these provisions. The ordinance adds multi-child households to the Namsan Tunnel congestion toll collection exemption and is scheduled to go into effect on August 21.

The ‘Ordinance on the Treatment and Support of Pregnant Women’ was also promulgated, allowing for reduced admission fees for pregnant women using cultural and sports facilities in Seoul. Additionally, an ordinance providing support for the cost of oriental medicine treatment to overcome infertility and an ordinance establishing new regulations to support victims of dating violence were also promulgated.

Furthermore, to protect civil servants in charge of civil affairs, a basis was established for the mayor to provide additional mental health and stress management training and suicide prevention training.

In accordance with the ‘Seoul City Animal Protection Ordinance Partial Amendment Ordinance,’ it is now possible to receive support for the medical expenses of abandoned animals cared for by volunteer families before being adopted from animal protection centers to general families.

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