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Punitive damages to be introduced for illegal distribution of video content

Punitive damages to be introduced for illegal distribution of video content

Posted August. 01, 2023 08:00,   

Updated August. 01, 2023 08:00


On Monday, the government and the ruling party decided to introduce punitive damages of up to three times the existing amount for websites that illegally provide video content online. Furthermore, they are exploring the possibility of offering rewards for reporting cases of illegal content distribution.

Park Dae-chul, chairman of the policy committee of the People Power Party, stated, “Since the complete shutdown of the online illegal site 'noonooTV' in April, similar sites have been rapidly increasing.” He made this remark during a meeting between members of the public, the ruling party, and the government at the National Assembly, aimed at devising measures to eradicate the illegal distribution of K-content. “To strongly sanction illegal content distribution, we have decided to introduce a punitive damages system and actively consider raising the sentencing standards in consultation with the Sentencing Commission of the Supreme Court,” he added.

The government and the ruling party are planning to introduce punitive damages based on a recent copyright law amendment proposed by Rep. Lee Yong-ho of the People Power Party. This amendment aims to hold operators of illegal video content sites and link providers accountable for copyright infringement, potentially increasing damages by up to three times. In response to a bill proposed by Democratic Party of Korea lawmaker Park Wan-joo, suggesting up to five times punitive damages, an official from the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism explained, "When we discuss this in the National Assembly, there will be further deliberation on the appropriate increase in punitive damages." This indicates a proactive approach to implementing a punitive damages system that aligns with the demand to strengthen punishment for creators in the private sector, as discussed during the meeting between the public, the ruling party, and the government on the same day.

Hye-Ryung Choi herstory@donga.com