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Police made a false report on dispatch to Osong underpass

Police made a false report on dispatch to Osong underpass

Posted July. 22, 2023 07:57,   

Updated July. 22, 2023 07:57


The Office for Government Policy Coordination (Prime Minister's Office) announced on Friday that it had requested the Supreme Prosecutor's Office to investigate six police officers under investigation in connection with the flooding and death of Gungpyeong 2 underpass in Osong, Cheongju City, North Chungcheong Province. The Office for Government Policy Coordination believes that these officers did not go to the scene even after receiving a 112 call right before the incident. However, they made a false report by entering it into the 112 report processing system as if they were actually at the site.

The Office of State Affairs released a press release on the same day. “During the inspection process, we discovered criminal charges by the police and determined that a timely and fair investigation was necessary,” the Office said. “It was discovered that there was a serious mistake in handling the 112 call case, and after going through the police response, it was found that the police made a false report to the Prime Minister’s Office. We asked the prosecution to investigate this case because we thought that if the police investigation headquarters were involved in the investigation into the police officers, it would be difficult for the public to trust the results.”

According to the Office of State Affairs, during the inspection process that started on July 17, it was reported that the two 112 calls received at 7:02 and 7:58 a.m. on July 15, the day of the accident, were entered into the 112 report processing system by the police officers of the Osong Police Station falsely as if they went to the scene instead of going to the scene. The police explained to the Prime Minister's Office that they were mistakenly sent to the Gungpyeong 1 Underpass because the caller did not specify between the Gungpyeong 1 and Gungpyeong 2 underpasses. It was reported that some of the officers requested for the investigation maintained statements that they were sent to the wrong spot during the inspection by the Office of State Affairs.

“In a situation where there is a clear criminal charge, and the statements of the people involved are in contradiction or conflict, we believed that it was necessary for the investigative agency to quickly secure and analyze evidence, which is why we requested an investigation before closing our inspection,” the Office of State Affairs said. "We plan to conduct the inspection swiftly and thoroughly and inform the public of its results transparently."

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