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Moon targets Yoon, mentioning ‘Cold War mentality’

Posted July. 04, 2023 07:57,   

Updated July. 04, 2023 07:57


Former President Moon Jae-in targeted President Yoon Suk Yeol on Monday and directly mentioned that “there are still many people who have not escaped from the Cold War mentality.” This was a head-on refutation when President Yoon targeted his predecessor, including himself, on Wednesday, saying that they were ’anti-state forces.’ In response, the ruling People Power Party criticized former President Moon, saying, “He still failed to break free from his submissive view of North Korea.”

Former President Moon introduced on his Facebook page the memoir, “The Power of Peace,” written by former Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Choi Jong-gun, regarding the Moon Jae-in administration’s North Korea policies. “I think about how much the inter-Korean relations, security situation, and even the economy would have changed if successive governments had been consistent in their policies for peace,” Choi said.

Lee Min-chan, a spokesman for the People’s Power Party, addressed former President Moon in a commentary, saying, “Why is the view that North Korea should follow the universal values of mankind, a Cold War mentality? The view that only the Kim Jong Un regime should be treated specially is the outdated ‘586 movement rights thinking,’ he refuted. Daegu Mayor Hong Joon-pyo, a former lawmaker of the People’s Power Party, criticized it on Facebook, saying, “If you have ruined national security and made the people enslaved to North Korean nuclear weapons, it is better to remain silent, instead of commenting gibberish.”

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