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Yoon denounces those against N. Korea sanctions as anti-gov't forces

Yoon denounces those against N. Korea sanctions as anti-gov't forces

Posted June. 29, 2023 07:57,   

Updated June. 29, 2023 07:57


South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol made critical comments on Wednesday that 'anti-government forces,’ deeply seized by distorted historical viewpoints and an irresponsible view of the state, asked UNSC sanctions against North Korea to be lifted and chanted for an end-of-war declaration that would lead to the disassembly of the United Nations Command (UNC). His blunt word choice of "anti-government forces” seemingly intended to blame the former administration’s policy-wise approach to North Korea and eventually justify the incumbent government's diplomatic policy centered on stronger ties with the United States and Japan.

In a celebratory event on the 50th anniversary of the Korea Freedom Federation (KFF) held at Jangchung Gymnasium, central Seoul on Wednesday morning, President Yoon compared such attempts to a chorus singing for end-of-war declaration with the goal of keeping the UNC and its military forces at bay in case of Pyongyang's possible invasion. In 24 years since then-President Kim Dae-jung attended the commemorative event for the KFF's founding, President Yoon became the first incumbent president to make a visit. He criticized the Moon administration's North Korea policy as an absurd argument seemingly for peacebuilding which it claimed would be possibly achieved by trusting the fraudulent goodwill of the enemy hell-bent on invading the South. "We reached a point where national security was severely affected in the Republic of Korea built upon freedom,” he added.

President Yoon made as harsh remarks as possible on the former administration by describing it as a de-facto "anti-government force.” He said, "There are too many forces who run against the country's national identity and pose a serious threat to freedom by spreading fake propaganda and distorted news, and manipulating public opinions in systematic and ceaseless manners,” adding that the country is faced with numerous challenges and crises.” He also stated that too many people are blinded by their greed for money and fame to turn to those who go against the country. His comments are arguably representative of his critical viewpoint of card-carrying political circles, which turned from activists and have long enjoyed vested interests – the so-called cartel with vested interests that he has criticized since he ran for the presidency.

In the meantime, he remarked on the incumbent administration by assessing that the U.S.-R.O.K. alliance became stronger and was advanced to handle nuclear issues after he was inaugurated. “The old days are gone when the government only focused on North Korea while given the cold shoulder by China in the diplomatic arena. We have taken our diplomatic capabilities to the next level to work closely with all the nations from the six continents and five oceans at the center of international diplomacy. He was concerned that many organizations and forces across the whole nation are trying to grow and wield their influence to tear down or hold back the country grounded on freedom. He defined it as a matter of safeguarding national identity rather than distinguishing conservatives and liberals.

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