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Jeju Air passenger threatened to open emergency exit in-flight

Jeju Air passenger threatened to open emergency exit in-flight

Posted June. 20, 2023 08:05,   

Updated June. 20, 2023 08:05


Another in-flight accident occurred involving a passenger trying to open the emergency door. Unlike the recent incident at Asiana, however, this happened at a higher altitude where the door could not be opened.

According to the aviation industry on Monday, a passenger in his 20s on Jeju Air flight 7C2406 (Boeing B737) bound for Incheon Airport acted strangely, complaining of chest pain. An hour has passed since takeoff. While moving to the front area of the plane and talking with the flight attendant, the passenger abruptly moved to the emergency door and tried to open the door. He was immediately thwarted by flight attendants, but passengers were terrified. “The passenger spoke in an inappropriate manner and approached the R1 door. Flight attendants detained the passenger, who was handed over to the airport police after landing,” said a Jeju Air employee.

An airplane's emergency exit does not open due to differences in internal/external air pressure once rising above 1 kilometer from the ground. The airplane had been flying over 30,000 feet when the incident occurred. Boeing planes have a locking device that functions as soon as the plane's wheels depart from the ground. “We need more stringent regulations in place as there are attempts to open the emergency door during flight,” said a captain.