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God of Sleep

Posted June. 10, 2023 08:39,   

Updated June. 10, 2023 08:39


Hypnos, the God of Sleep, had three sons, each entrusted with bringing specific types of dreams. The first son brought dreams of humans, the second son brought dreams of animals, and the youngest son brought dreams of inanimate things. However, considering that there are dreams that extend beyond the realm of humans and animals, it suggests the existence of more than three gods overseeing dreams. Dreams occur both during the night and throughout the day. We refer to the desired state we strive to achieve, the world we aspire to create, and the values we aim to manifest as a "dream." While dreams brought by the gods only visit us at night, the dreams that humans envision can keep us awake at night. We have no option but to embrace those dreams dearly.

Many have dreams, but it seems few find the path to realizing them. The poem I'm about to share portrays an individual who had to relinquish their cherished dream as it faded away. The poet describes this forgotten dream in simple, plain words with a dry tone. Yet, beneath the surface, a bitter and heartbreaking sentiment lingers. It implies the dream's desperate pursuit, the indelible presence of hope, and the excruciating pain of letting go. The loss endures, leaving a lasting impact.

In this world, many of us lose, abandon, and erase our dreams along the way. That's why the emotions evoked in the poem are deeply relatable. The depicted scenes portray lost dreams and empty hearts, which are all too familiar to us.