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Daughter of Korean literary legend reborn as essayist

Posted May. 20, 2023 08:03,   

Updated May. 20, 2023 08:03


In a small village called Achiul in Guri City, Wan-suh Park, Korea’s beloved literary icon who departed in 2011, left an enduring legacy. She carefully planted two vibrant red peony trees within the serene garden of her ancestral home. Following her mother's passing, Won-sook Ho, Park's daughter, tenderly added a white peony tree. As the seasons turned, a tender pink baby peony emerged, unfurling its delicate petals, reminiscent of the daughter's own blossoming as a writer. She had devoted herself to assisting and caring for her mother in her twilight years for years. Like the resilient peony, she resurfaced, rekindling her passion for writing and crafting her own literary journey anew.

In her essay book, author Won-sook Ho captures the essence of the day-to-day life she leads in the village, where echoes of her mother's presence still linger.

Ho's confession revealed her dedication to capturing inspiring moments and beauty through diligent note-taking so as not to forget, which eventually evolved into a cherished daily ritual.

As described by the author herself, Ho shares, through her insightful exploration, a collection of heartfelt notes that effortlessly meander through topics as diverse as flowers, trees, TV series, movies, and poetry. Ho discovered her true self through this process, unlocking a distinct linguistic rhythm and profound self-appreciation that grew over time.