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Kim Nam-kuk: I traded a few thousand won during standing committee meetings

Kim Nam-kuk: I traded a few thousand won during standing committee meetings

Posted May. 16, 2023 07:54,   

Updated May. 16, 2023 07:54


Former Democratic Party (DP) lawmaker Kim Nam-kuk, who left the party after his controversy over cryptocurrency investments, claimed that coins he traded during parliamentary standing committee meetings was "just a few thousand won, and thus difficult to remember." In response to the allegation that he owned Wemix coins worth approximately 6 billion won, he has argued, "The Yoon Suk Yeol administration leaked it to divert attention from the current challenges the government is facing." However, Kim's claims have been met with criticism even within the Democratic Party, with some asserting that "he still hasn't come to his senses."

Kim made an appearance on Kim Eeo-joon's YouTube channel on Monday and, for the first time, admitted the allegations that he traded coins during parliamentary standing committee meetings. He expressed remorse, stating, "I have no words for what I did; I deeply reflect upon my actions." When asked about the specific amount he traded during the meetings, he admitted, "I can't recall the exact figure as it was relatively insignificant." However, when prompted once again by Kim Eeo-joon, he confessed, "It was only a few thousand won. That's why I find it hard to comprehend my own decision to trade during the standing meetings."

Some have pointed out that Kim Nam-kuk began attempting to win the support of hardline Democratic Party supporters just one day after leaving the party. One re-elected Democratic Party lawmaker remarked, "He appears to be appealing to the party's hardline supporters by portraying himself as innocent, but the majority of the Korean people would find it hard to believe that he truly regrets his actions or reflects upon himself." Rep. Yun Jae-ok of the People Power Party also commented during the supreme council meeting, stating, "Even an ordinary civil servant would face severe disciplinary action if caught trading coins while on duty."