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Quadruplets born to first-time mother through natural delivery

Quadruplets born to first-time mother through natural delivery

Posted May. 11, 2023 07:42,   

Updated May. 11, 2023 07:42


A family of SK-on gave birth to quadruplets through natural childbirth. This is the first case in Korea of a first-time mother delivering quadruplets through vaginal delivery.

SK-on announced that its employee, Song Ri-won, and his wife, Cha Ji-hye, gave birth to quadruplets on Mar. 16. Song joined the company in September 2022. Cha was given a delivery date of early May, but the babies came into the world more than a month ahead of schedule. The eldest, who was born the smallest being only 900 grams, was discharged from the hospital last week, completing the family of six.

Song got married in 2020, but the couple delayed having babies because Song was working around the clock at a consulting firm. It was not until he was hired by SK-on in June 2022 that the couple started trying to conceive. “I heard that SK is a family-friendly company,” said Cha, Song’s wife, so the couple visited a fertility clinic. In September 2022, two days after Song joined the company, the couple discovered they had quadruplets. Three embryos were fertilized through in vitro fertilization, and one grew into identical twins.

The babies were a gift, but Song was worried that something would go wrong with one of the babies. Luckily, the firstborn was healthily discharged from the hospital, and the worries were gone.

After the birth, SK-on announced the news to the entire company. As a gift to celebrate the birth, the company decided to support childcare assistants. SK-on CEO Ji Dong-seop sent Song and Cha a handwritten card and gift baskets to congratulate the couple.