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One thing successful people have in common

Posted May. 08, 2023 08:11,   

Updated May. 08, 2023 08:11


“Successful people have one thing in common. They make it a rule to work several times more than what they are paid.”

Excerpts from ‘I Am the God in Sales Business’ by Eun Hyeon-jang

These days, my primary income source is lecturing. It has been eight years since I started serving as a freelancer lecturer. I am making sufficient earnings so I can do broadcasting just as a hobby rather than for money. As I give lots of lectures, I am reading many books, mostly on psychology and philosophy.

Then, I realized something recently. The lectures I am giving are not simply education but are close to some kind of content that should be entertaining and informative. So, the people who take my lectures are not students but are close to customers. Hence, this can be considered a kind of ‘sales’ in the form of a lecture.

It is all the more so for a freelancer lecturer. Massages to be delivered are important, but winning people’s minds and hearts is much more critical. If I don’t do it properly today, there is no next time. What should we do to be hugely successful in sales? We should make previous customers want to come again next time. I have to make my clients want to introduce me to other organizations or invite me again next time.

I have read this book because I wanted to learn sales business for various reasons. Reading the book, I discovered my own behaviors and felt great, so I still remember that sentence. I always tend to work more than what I am paid. I think this practice might have saved me in the competitive world of freelancers. I exchange greetings with people at the podium well before the lecture, and break ice before giving the lecture. After giving the lecture, I join audience members to pose for a photo – even when not requested.

Even so, I don’t mean to be arrogant about my talent and success, but I am just telling you how I behave. When seen from society’s perspective, I still have a long way to go although I am sufficiently satisfied with what I am now. In any case, I feel as if I am selling things to the entire world. I hope our sales business will be booming amid today’s challenging situation.