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Summer nights

Posted May. 06, 2023 07:54,   

Updated May. 06, 2023 07:54


While Children's Day is only celebrated on a single day, every day is a day for children. They deserve to laugh, play, and talk joyfully every day while staying safe and secure. Adults should safeguard national defense and laws and take care of children with innocent eyes, soft hands, and neat hair daily. They are fragile, require constant attention, and are valuable treasures that must be protected.

It is adults, not children, who have made the world dirty. Adults, not children, have created the world's problems. There is nothing negative about what children create. There is nothing ugly about what children build. Therefore, I hope children will grow up pure and clean, like the children in Kang So-cheon's poem, like the picturesque, fairytale-like landscape. In the poem, the children are safe wherever they go and wherever they look, as even the sky, stars, and air seem to embrace them lovingly.

The poet who wrote this poem, Kang So-cheon, had a deep affection for children. He adopted 'socheon,' which means 'small spring,' as his pen name, and the small spring represents both the poet himself and the innocence of all children. Despite being small, the poet believed that children were like precious springs. I hope that in the month of May, which is dedicated to children, our little springs will always flow with the pure sound of clear water.