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The birth and loss of a baby angel

Posted April. 15, 2023 08:34,   

Updated April. 15, 2023 08:34


In the realm of human existence, there is no hierarchy when it comes to the value of life. We cannot dismiss the life of a child simply because the child cannot assert his or her own needs or wants, nor can we accept the passing of an elderly person as an inevitable part of life's cycle. The only truth is the natural emergence of life and the eventual return to the earth as soil after traversing life's tumultuous path.

It is undeniable that all lives hold equal worth. Yet, the untimely passing of infants and young children carries an extra weight of heartbreak and injustice. We feel a deep sense of guilt for failing to shield their fragile lives and profound sorrow that they never had the chance to grow and flourish. These emotions are amplified when we read a poem capturing the essence of a newborn as a cherished being.

It is about a mother who gave birth to a child. However, the poem refrains from using words like "baby" or "child," opting instead for the term "angel." An infant's cries stem from simple needs: hunger or the longing for a comforting embrace. Devoid of greed or blame, their happiness is found in the most basic conditions. This purity inspires the mother to refer to her child as an angel, a sentiment that few could challenge. The arrival of such a pure soul on earth is a blessing.

Yet, tragically, a mother's angelic child is taken from the world too soon. Many praise the beauty of April, but can its splendor truly persist in the absence of this angel? Can a world that failed to safeguard such innocence ever be considered beautiful?