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Shrines, graves, tombs

Posted April. 01, 2023 08:06,   

Updated April. 01, 2023 08:06


Flowers are in full bloom these days. Even if your life is far from perfect, looking at flowers makes you feel better. There are no flowers that are not beautiful, and it is as if just looking at the people who stop and take pictures of flowers would make their excitement rub off on me. They have me take a break to go on a spring picnic even for a brief time.

In this poem, two people go for a walk as well. They visited Uireung. The shrine of King Gyeongjong in Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, has long been the property of Seoulites who want to enjoy nature, not the royal family. Far more people are there to breathe the natural scent of earth and grass than those who want to check out the royal shrine. The two people in the poem were also there to take a stroll around the flowers and trees. Then their chain of thought naturally led them to their family members appreciating the nature alongside, only to find themselves being reaffirmed that nothing that is unfolded before their eyes is theirs, not now, and not in the future.

It is ideal to see a young father smiling ear to ear while telling his son the names of trees. We can easily picture such images, but we cannot easily turn that into mine. It costs a lot to be a father, it costs a lot to laugh, and you need even more money to spend quality time with your young son. It is heartbreaking when you have to let go of what is good and beautiful in plain sight. Spring is the season to be envious of the greens that bloom without much effort as if it comes naturally with time.