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N. Korea conducts training in response to joint military training

N. Korea conducts training in response to joint military training

Posted March. 21, 2023 07:46,   

Updated March. 21, 2023 07:46


A North Korean media reported Monday that the country’s tactical nuclear forces conducted a virtual comprehensive tactical training for nuclear counterattacks on Saturday and Sunday. The issuance and receipt of nuclear attack orders, handling of nuclear weapons, and operation procedures were inspected on the first day, followed by a launch of a tactical ballistic missile loaded with a simulated nuclear warhead, which was detonated at an 800-meter altitude after traveling 800 kilometers and reaching the target location. “We need to fully prepare the arrangement for nuclear attacks, which can be quickly and accurately operated any time, to be committed to a strategic mission of deterring wars,” said North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

According to the North’s claim, its capabilities of tactical nuclear weapons have become technologically sophisticated and entered the operation phase with preparedness for actual nuclear attacks. It is indeed noticeable that North Korea showed off its technological capabilities for detonation control: launching a nuclear missile to a target location in the sky and detonating it at a specific altitude. However, attention should be paid to the fact that the country conducted a practice for nuclear attack commanding system management on the previous day. This means that the country developed a nuclear command and control (NC2) system, from issuing an order for nuclear attacks, combining nuclear weapons, and launching them, and conducted training to learn the procedures.

North Korea enacted the national nuclear force policy in September, which states that nuclear attacks can be launched if the country’s leadership is in danger or if a war unfolds unfavorably against the country. It practically institutionalized the dangerous operation of the ‘Doomsday Machine,’ which means nuclear weapons can be automatically launched if the leadership experiences special incidents. It’s unlikely that the country’s nuclear attack system, which will be quickly operated at an arbitrary time and under unexpected circumstances, is equipped with safety measures to prevent accidental nuclear wars caused by misjudgment or accidents.

It is concerning what kind of crises the Korean Peninsula will be driven to by the ‘nuclear fanatics’ of North Korea who simply believe in the terrifying power of nuclear weapons. North Korea conducted the nuclear attack posture training during a large-scale joint training called ‘Freedom Shield’ between South Korea and the U.S. North Korea used to remain quiet during the deployment of the U.S.’s strategic assets or joint training between South Korea and the U.S. However, it committed bold provocations by launching ballistic missiles right before B-1B strategic bomber entered the operations area above the Korean Peninsula. South Korea and the U.S. should have tighter surveillance and a more dominant ability to punish the North to make a firm warning against the apocalyptic outcomes that Kim Jong Un’s reckless gambling would bring.