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Acting with hope that the world despises Yeon-jin, says Im Ji-yeon

Acting with hope that the world despises Yeon-jin, says Im Ji-yeon

Posted March. 18, 2023 08:03,   

Updated March. 18, 2023 08:03


"If you think my name is Yeon-jin, what should I do? (laughs) Still, I hope you shout out 'Yeon-jin!' for a little longer

In the recently concluded Netflix series 'The Glory,' Im Ji-yeon played the role of Park Yeon-jin, the instigator of school violence who torments Moon Dong-eun, the show's main character, played by Song Hye-kyo. In the drama, Dong-eun shouts, "Bravo Yeon-jin!" which has become a popular meme. Some even engage in a trend of adding "Yeon-jin" at the end of their comments. Im said, "My mom even sent me a message saying, 'I made Yeon-jin's stew. When are you coming?'" On Friday, a Dong-A reporter met the actress at a café in Gangnam, Seoul.

In the drama, Yeon-jin commits all kinds of wrongdoing without feeling any guilt or remorse, which makes her a character that viewers despise. Im portrayed the role convincingly. "I was shocked by lines such as 'I did nothing wrong, Dong-eun,'" Im said. "Because Yeon-jin had everything without effort, she didn't even realize how much harm she had caused her victims."

This was Im's first time playing a villain. "I tried to become a real 'evil person' from head to toe," she said. "I prepared for the role hoping that everyone would hate Yeon-jin," She also shared that during a script reading, Kim Eun-sook told her, "You look like someone with an angel's face and a devil's heart." "I guess I showed that side of myself for a moment," Im added with laughter.

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