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Tower crane drivers subject to license suspension after unfaithful work

Tower crane drivers subject to license suspension after unfaithful work

Posted March. 13, 2023 07:41,   

Updated March. 13, 2023 07:41


Tower crane drivers are subject to a one-year license suspension if they work under alcohol or put off getting on the equipment to cause delay intentionally.

On Sunday, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport detailed guidelines to suspend tower crane drivers’ licenses if caught committing illegal or wrongful acts, such as operating the equipment at an intentionally slow pace. The regulation came after the slowdown of work prevailed across construction sites in the country following the government’s announcement to suspend the licenses of tower crane drivers getting paid monthly. According to the ministry, 42 percent (146) of construction sites run by the top 10 construction firms in the construction ability eval‎uation were behind schedule due to delay in tower crane work as of Friday.

The ministry classifies 15 types of unfaithful work that can lead to a license suspension. Four upper categories divide them into general affairs (one), work attitude (four), banned acts (two), and refusal to work (eight). Tower crane drivers can be put at a disadvantage if they intentionally slow down and delay subsequent works or fail to get preparations done without reasonable reasons before the arrival of a start time set up on the site.

If a tower crane driver is caught doing unfaithful acts twice a month, the ministry deems it a violation of trust and good faith and embarks on procedures to suspend his license. Drinking during work hours or refusing to follow a constructor’s work order without any special reasons is considered to have a bad influence on safety and work progression. Once it occurs, the ministry initiates disciplinary procedures.