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Samsung unveils 200-megapixel image sensor for Galaxy S23

Samsung unveils 200-megapixel image sensor for Galaxy S23

Posted January. 18, 2023 07:46,   

Updated January. 18, 2023 07:46


Samsung Electronics has introduced a new image sensor called ISOCELL HP2 (pictured), which will be equipped in the Galaxy S23 smartphone model, which will be unveiled this year. Samsung’s latest technology will allow for a brighter and more vivid capture of an image.

On Tuesday, Samsung Electronics announced it rolled out the 200-megapixel image sensor, the “ISOCELL HP2,” which contains 200 million pixels each in the size of 0.6μm (one-millionth of 1m). A systematic semiconductor, the image sensor serves visual functions by converting light in the camera lens into digital signals.

The ISOCELL HP2’s strongest suit is its color expressions. As the first sensor to be equipped with the new Dual Vertical Transfer Gate (D-VTG) technology, the ISOCELL HP2 boasts a maximum 33% higher positive charge storage capacity than the previous 200-megapixel models. Higher capacity translates into more vivid color expressions as pixels can utilize a larger amount of light.

The ISOCELL HP2 also accomplished a 50-megapixel HDR (High Dynamic Range), a hitherto unprecedented case. This remarkably facilitates the image processing speed, obviating the need to go through the mobile application processor, the brains of the smartphone.

The HP2’s auto-focusing is another feature capturing attention. Thanks to Super QPD, the sensor can use all its 200 million pixels for focusing agents. Even fleeting images can be captured by utilizing the latest self-focusing technology.

Samsung is working towards developing a sensor technology that can detect images invisible to the human eye. In 2021, Samsung developed the 200-megapixel image sensor, setting a precedent in the industry. The South Korean electronics giant is leading the market by introducing the smallest 200-megapixel image sensor last year. According to TSR Global Research, the image sensor market is expected to grow by an average of 22% each year.

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