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Hyundai Mobis unveils its futuristic vehicle model at CES 2023

Hyundai Mobis unveils its futuristic vehicle model at CES 2023

Posted January. 07, 2023 07:42,   

Updated January. 07, 2023 07:42


At the "Eureka Park on Thursday,” an exhibition space for startups set up in Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023, the world's largest annual tech show held in Las Vegas, those who wore VR headsets offered in the stand of a U.S. startup OVR Technology could see a bonfire burning right in front of them. What was different about this VR experience was that they could smell the smoke. Through the device equipped on the headsets, they could smell something sweet when they picked up the marshmallow beside the bonfire and smelled something burning when they roasted it.

Technologies offering new experiences mesmerized participants on every corner at the venue of CES 2023, which launched on the day. South Korean auto parts and mobility solutions provider Hyundai Mobis caught the audience’s attention by introducing the "crab-drive" future concept model that moves sideways and allows parallel parking as its four wheels turn 90 degrees without the vehicle body turning.

The company's purpose-built vehicle (PBV), “M Vision TO,” featured an e-corner system module where the wheels turn 90 degrees. The model also features self-driving sensors with cameras, radars, and lidars on the vehicle's four pillars at the front, rear, and both sides. HL Klemove, an HL Mando affiliate specializing in autonomous driving, also showcased its future model featuring an e-corner module.

ZF Group, a German auto parts company, unveiled its heated seatbelt to provide a feeling of warmth to the wearer. Swedish automobile brand Polestar demonstrated its AI monitoring system for vehicles that detects and sends warning signals to distracted, drowsy, or disconnected drivers.

A stroller equipped with self-driving technology was also unveiled at the show. Canadian-based baby gear startup Gluxkind showcased its futuristic product model that moves independently when the mother is carrying the baby. The stroller with its multi-level brakes system stops on its own when there is no one taking care of the product, or the parent is at a certain distance away.

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