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In the evening

Posted December. 31, 2022 07:23,   

Updated December. 31, 2022 07:23


At the end of the year, we look back on the year. This year is coming to an end. Most people would think that they had a hard time this year. Some might think reassuring things happened a lot, even if there was no great joy. Regret, relief, gratitude, and worry are some of the feelings we all have about the nearing end of this year.

If you can attentively feel that the year is nearing its end, it is proof that you worked hard this year. You wanted to have a good year and, thus, worked your fingers to the bone desperately. So, for the last day of this year, I came up with this poem about the last hours of the day.

Here, a father who came home from a day's work appears. The father worked hard today. He might have had a hard day, so he sweated a lot. There is no sound of pain, but the poem is full of the hardships of life. But is life just exhausting? When you read the poem, you can find that the couple lives each day faithfully. Even though it is about ordinary people having their ordinary days, their hard work seems holy. I want to show respect for such an effort to live life to the fullest.

This year, we lived as hard as the father in this poem. We walked and walked every day as if we were going through a dark mountain road and came to this day. If you feel proud of the father in the poem, you should take pride in yourself.