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Zelensky meets with Biden with proposal for G7 peace summit

Zelensky meets with Biden with proposal for G7 peace summit

Posted December. 23, 2022 07:57,   

Updated December. 23, 2022 07:57


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who visited the U.S. on Wednesday, said that he discussed 10-point peace formula with U.S. President Joe Biden.

“We need peace, yes. We need to hold the summit for peace and have our joint security guaranteed for decades ahead,” Zelensky said in his historic speech to the US Congress on Wednesday. “I’m glad to say that President Biden supported our peace initiative today.”

The Ukrainian president has been calling the G7 nations for the Global Peace Formula Summit to explore ways to guarantee the implementation of 10 points in the peace formula, including the total withdrawal of Russian troops from all of Ukraine, the cessation of the war, and the restoration of Ukraine’s territorial integrity. Biden strongly supported Zelensky’s proposal that Russia turned down.

“It would be naïve to wait for steps towards peace from Russia, which enjoys being a terrorist state,” the Ukrainian leader said. “Next year, I will turn the freedom back to our people in Ukraine. Next year will be a turning point. And your (U.S. Congress) support is crucial to get the turning point to win on the battlefield.”

“Putin has no intention of stopping this cruel war. And the U.S. is committed to ensuring that the brave Ukrainian people can continue to defend their country against Russian aggression. I think President Zelensky and I have the exact same vision,” U.S. President Biden said in a joint press conference after the summit with Zelensky. “We both want this war to end. When President Zelensky is ready to talk with the Russians, he will be able to succeed as well, because he will have won on the battlefield.”