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Shocking commemoration

Posted December. 09, 2022 07:50,   

Updated December. 09, 2022 07:50


Chinese poet Xie An, who served as prime minister in Dongjin, even after being offered a post from the royal court multiple times, rejected the offers and stayed reclusive for so long. Afterward, he became prime minister and made great contributions to the country. Whether in a reclusive life or as part of the royal court, he indulged himself in enjoying alcoholic drinks and poetry and having fun with courtesans, making his lifestyle an object of envy among scholars.

Even 300 years after the Xie An, the author Li Bai visited the poet’s grave to commemorate his death by dancing with courtesans. Who would have thought of such a quirky and shocking way of commemoration except for Li Bai, who hoped to build bonds with the dead poet? Courtesans in the grave with only the dry grass rustling in a spooky wind versus the ladies, alive, as gorgeous as flowers and the moon in the sky. Let me make a toast if you feel empty and sad about such a stark contrast. Enjoy looking at the dance. Needlessly to say, life is fleeting. No matter how you live it makes little difference in it. The wheel of life rolls as boringly and ceaselessly as the flowing streams, as if it weren’t a big deal. If someone finds it unpleasant, that will be a weird thing, won’t it?