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Samsung offers incentive to recruit talent to Home Appliance Division

Samsung offers incentive to recruit talent to Home Appliance Division

Posted December. 08, 2022 07:53,   

Updated December. 08, 2022 07:53


The Home Appliance Business Division of Samsung Electronics, which has been criticized for quality issues, has initiated a large-scale recruiting campaign across other divisions, offering a one-time payment of 20 million won as compensation.

It is exceptional for the company to offer a one-time payment of 20 million won for organization transfer. Some believe the campaign will likely promote organizational reshuffle and attract talent to the Home Appliance Business Division.

According to business reports on Wednesday, the Home Appliance Business Division under the Device Experience Division of Samsung Electronics posted an internal notice stating that the division will be recruiting employees on its journey to achieve its mission of becoming global No. 1.

“We need more diverse experience and capabilities from our employees to achieve a higher level of competency to become global number one,” read the notice. The Business Unit will recruit dozens of employees from marketing/sales, design, tech, quality management, and procurement.

Special incentives will be offered as well. Those who transferred to the Home Appliance Division would receive 20 million won as special incentives within four weeks of the date of transfer. Overall performance incentives will also give preferential incentives by the end of 2025. Those who have transferred may opt to return to their original divisions after three years if they wish.

The Home Appliance Division had been recently criticized for quality issues regarding its washing machine products, with many pointing out that the division needed capability building. Some view that the division’s move targeted recruiting of talent through incentives when the performance forecast for next year, in which consumer sentiment is expected to worsen, is likely to weaken. “The number of Korean resources in the Home Appliance Division is declining, and the Business Unit is attempting to revitalize and produce synergy based on ideas from other divisions,” said a business source.

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