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Anti-Lee faction concerns about serious party politics due to fandom politics

Anti-Lee faction concerns about serious party politics due to fandom politics

Posted November. 30, 2022 07:59,   

Updated November. 30, 2022 07:59


While the prosecution's investigation into Lee Jae-myung, the head of the Democratic Party of Korea, is underway, the party's "anti-Lee Jae-myung" faction is taking full-fledged steps. Although most anti-Lee members are still cautious about observing a summons issued by the prosecution targeting Lee, each faction has begun full-scale behind-the-scenes work in preparation for an emergency that may come at any time. “Ahead of nominations for the next year’s general election, some are creating a focal point for each faction and starting a competition for seats,” an opposition official said.

The most noteworthy thing in the opposition is the movement by pro-Moon (pro-Moon Jae-in) lawmakers. The "Democracy 4.0 Institute," a think tank for pro-Moon lawmakers, recently held an inauguration ceremony with about 40 people gathered and appointed Rep. Jeon Hae-cheol, a key member of pro-Moon, as the second chairman, and Rep. Park Gwang-on, Hwang Hee, and Kwon Chil-seung as directors. “The inauguration ceremony following the expiration of the term of office of Rep. Do Jong-hwan, who was the first chairman,” a Democracy 4.0 official said while holding back the extended interpretation. “It will be a strong message externally by itself that the group, the largest faction in the party, demonstrated its rust-free organizational power.”

The anti-Lee lawmakers’ gathering, "Serial Debate for Reflection and Innovation,” held a meeting at the National Assembly on the same day to raise concerns about party and fandom politics. “Recently, looking at our party, I am worried about party politics,” Rep. Lee Won-wook said. “The Yoon Suk-yeol administration's power is for five years, so shouldn't we let go of the greed of party politics and gather wisdom?” Rep. Kim Jong-min also sniped at Lee's strong supporters, "dog daughters," saying, "To participate in responsible decision-making within the party, party members who engage in regular discussions to a certain degree or higher must become the subject of rights."

Hoon-Sang Park tigermask@donga.com